Colour Videos

There are many YouTube videos on the topic of colour, but very few of them are well made. We have selected a few of the most interesting for you.

Visualizing the XYZ Color Space

Who can really envision the connection between the CIE-footprint, the primary colours of our perception XYZ and the spectral colours? With this video you can. The movie shows colour theory in an easy to grasp 3D format. That a Xenon projector performs the best in the video does not diminish the quality of the subject matter. Advertisement video for a Xenon Digital Projector
Jeremy Selan, George Joblove, Jon Levy

Colour differences between RGB and CMYK

RGB and CMYK – The significance and the essential differences.

CMYK animated

Funny animated ink drops explain the CMYK- colour mixture – Caution: not exactly G rated! Even the music gives your laugh muscles a work out. SRH MediaDesigner
Holger Scheid, Mareike Schirner, Sven Lambing, Florian Kurz

Sessions – Color Theory: Using the Color Wheel

What are complimentary colours and primary colours? How can a n-fold colour harmony out of contrast colours or similar colours be found in the colour wheel?
The Colour Channel

The Color Deception

Colour theory with a fear factor: "Color is a symbol of good in the world of evil". Somebody has watched too many horror movies...
Be that as it may: In this video additive and subractive colour mixing is explained. Furthermore it shows an example of colour perception.
Jason Letkiewicz, Laura Roginski

Flash colour wheel

Here the theory of primary, secondary, and tertiary colours is successfully illustrated via a colour wheel.

Photoshop for Painters

The Romanian Traian Boldea makes an instructive sweeping blow through the topics of colour models, theories, Wikipedia...and finally the possibilities in Photoshop (CS3). Exact, thorough, impressive!
Photoshop for Painters: Traian Boldea

Color Wheel 3

Here theater feelings develop: How nice it is when light cones complement each other additively.

Colour theory

What results from yellow and red? And what happens when blue and yellow are mixed? Splotches, snippets, and finger paints – colour is pure fun!

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Room

Not so simple: Which colours work best in my room? Is it the cooler colours or rather warm ones? Maybe you will find your answers after watching this video.

NCS – Natural Color System

The NCS colour system – explained very intelligibly, first in principle and then using the example of DuluxDimensions.

NCS – Natural Colour System

NCS presents itself – in Dutch. It illustrates how the colour designations ("Yellow-R80B") come to be.
NCS Natural Colour System