Our Freeware

In our freeware we offer a few tools that are missed in Windows.

Colour Matching

Have you ever tried to find an exact match to an input colour with RGB colour values? It is almost impossible. The solution: A simple window with which you can intuitively match colours.

3D Colourspace

Colour systems in the three dimensional CIELAB-colour space. Ca. 30 colour systems are displayed. (RAL C1 or FARBATLAS-Software users receive ca. 200 colour systems displayed in 3D.) One glance shows all of the colour possibilities of the system, identifies gaps, and can display what is elsewhere laboriously explained: that CIELAB is better than all of the other colour models.

Save a Filelist

Practical: Save a chosen file or file register as a text file.

RAL ColourDesigner

Colour your photos true-to-life using RAL-Colours. Select the area, select the colour – done!