dtp studio – team

Our team consists of several permanent and freelance colleagues.

Holger Everding
Age: 48
Function: diverse

1993 I opened "dtp studio" for business and waited for clientele. Only few came... One night I had an idea: Why can one only find American colour systems in all the DTP programs? Shouldn’t that be changed? The next day I called RAL and HKS... Today our colour software is well established. We work steadfastly with RAL. In addition we manufacture websites, e.g. websites and databanks for medical organizations including EU projects that are in progress for several years.

Ioan Dorin Pruna
Age: 40
Function: Programming (Colour Software for Windows and Macintosh)

Dorin has been proving for the last 10 years that he is capable of the most demanding tasks. He programmed the heart of the ColorManagements (the Lab/RGB conversion, similar to Photoshop) within a few days. That is something that not many have achieved! Time and again he has very good ideas and today is the predominant producer of our colour software.

Thorsten Simon
Age: 36
Function: Programming (Internet: Java, php, MySQL,...)
Thorsten stays on top of things even when dealing with complicated websites, databases and webshops.

Ulf Gieseke
Age: 49
Function: Windows programming (Colour Software Windows)

Ulf is our man of the very first hour. He programmed the first versions of the RAL and HKS software.

Andrea Oakley
Function: Translator

Andrea is a native English translator for all software products and websites from our company.

Ines Gerhardt
Age: 21
Function: Trainee

Ines is completing a one year work placement for school.

Kim Blaeser
Age: 17
Function: Trainee

..is also completing a one year work placement for school.

Lucas Marquardt
Age: 18
Function: Trainee

Lucas also completes his traineeship for school.

Age: 35 dog years
Function: office dog

"I make sure that nothing goes wrong. One of my most important jobs is to bark when customers arrive. I enjoy my job and my colleagues are nice."