5 reasons for web pages by the dtp studio


We create web pages for some well known customers since 1997. Knowledge and Experience are therefore logical consequences. Some of our web page projects can be found here including special features and notices about costs.

2Professional project process

Each web page project has several phases: Offer, concept, correction, execution, correction. The correction phase is completed as soon as the customer is satisfied. The project will still abide to the original offer, naturally.

While the project is in the construction phase the customer can track the development of the work on our webserver – a special extra without further costs.

3Graphic Know-How´s

We have concerned ourselves with questions of typography, colour design and graphic questions of all manner since 1993. Our strength: We produce convincing, elegantly simple, client attuned „advertising art“ without overpriced consultants and high-end graphic designers, no more, no less.

More than anywhere else the internet depends on clarity and quick navigation. Our approach in particular is especially warranted.

Catchword "effects": animations, flashing graphics, flying texts and so on, are only useful when they fit the topic and are used sparingly. A carefully chosen effect on the homepage or in the menu frame is usually sufficient.

4Capable coworkers

Our skills don't stop at the graphical Know-How. Our speciality: database programming including php/MySQL, password restricted access, data transfer out of web forms, search-, edit- and list functions, variable rights distribution etc. It can be hosted – unbelievable but true – for 13 Euros per month in the Puretec-Standard package.

5Bargain costs

We offer web design assignments for a standard cost of 49 Euro per hour. The price is the same for databank programing, flash-animations or complex picture retouching! In the offer we clearly itemize the individual positions.

A generally efficient method of operation by implementing templates, StyleSheets and programing tools is a further method of lowering costs.

There are no hidden follow-up costs. We have had good experiences with Puretec (1&1) in the area of hosting and refer the costs to them.

Important: Our clients can support the pages themselves after construction is concluded. The HTML code is clear, explicit and also workable from a third party.